Sunday, February 25, 2018

4-strand lace headband

Hi friends,

     Today I made a 4 strand lace headband braid and a side bun, but this particular version of a 4-strand braid is different from the ones I usually make.  Normally I take 4 strands, then cross the left outmost strand over, under, over.  But in this version, you cross the outmost left strand over, under, then the right outmost strand crosses under, over.  That's why there is a single strand of hair running down the center of the braid, which never actually has any hair added to it.  I always wondered how this type of 4-strand braid was made, and finally last night I learned how to create this braid by watching a video from Sweethearts Hair Design on YouTube.  I'm looking forward to trying a ribbon version soon.



Thursday, February 22, 2018

Big wavy bun and Big pink flowers, two of my favorites

Hello friends,

     Yesterday I braided my hair in a simple side Dutch braid while it was still wet, since I had washed my hair that morning.  Today I had braid waves, yay!  I left my hair uncombed and put it in a big side bun, so all the waves would show.  I love big pink flowers and big wavy buns :-)


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Carousel Braid

Hello friends,

     A few nights ago I watched a tutorial video by Lilith Moon while I was combing my hair, and today I tried her style myself.  It's a carousel braid that I was actually able to do on my own hair, even though I had trouble braiding all the way to the ends since my hair is longer than my arms can reach.  This afternoon I wrapped my braid into a bun and went paddle-boarding with my family, always a fun way to end the day.  I love sitting on my board on the ocean, watching the sun begin to set and looking down at the clear blue water.  Such a lovely spot on our world!



Sunday, February 18, 2018

Royal Blue Peacock Updo

Hi friends,

     Happy Chinese New Year!  I wore my new peacock hair clip in my hair today, I got it on my recent trip to Singapore.  My hairstyle is a series of twisted sections of hair, pinned in place with bobby pins.  My bun is three rope braids pinned randomly with even more bobby pins.  I would not have made it through a metal detector with this hairstyle!